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    Access Vendor Curricular Materials Online and Provide Feedback

    Use the information below to review curricular materials from each vendor for the grades 6-8 math adoption. Then, after examining the materials, please fill out this feedback form to provide your opinion about each vendor's materials. The feedback form is also available in Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese and Amharic.

    Feedback forms will be accepted through May 23.


    No login required:


    No login required: 

    Open-Up resources 

    Username: evaluation 
    Password: tryOURmath 

    Glencoe Math

    Username: GlencoeMath2016
    Password:  GlencoeMath2016

    Go Math

    Username: SJOHNSTON720
    Password: P@ssw0rd  (that is a zero, case sensitive)

    Math In Focus

    Username: SJOHNSTON722
    Password: P@ssw0rd  (that is a zero, case sensitive)

    Great Minds

    Password: request10

    Big Ideas

    Password: SeattlePublicSchools01

    Core Focus on Math

    Click in the upper right corner to log in:

    When using an updated browser, all materials are available to participants who log into the online course rooms. Once logged in, a user should select the book in which they want to view and then the block and the materials are organized by lesson. When logging in as a teacher, the user will see both the teacher materials (in gray text) as well as the student view (in blue text). 

    Username: seattlestudent
    Password: math123

    Username: seattleteacher
    Password: math876

    In order to login to the companion product, EdGems, follow these steps using Google login. A generic “Seattle EdGems” gmail account has been made for this process. Each student and teacher will have individual accounts as part of the Core Focus program.

    1. This link needs to be clicked first:
    2. Click the "Sign in with Google" button and then go to Add Account.
    3. User gmail username to enter is: edgems.seattle
    4. Password to enter is:
    5. seattleschools5. The district password is: edgems20