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    Highly Capable Pathways and Spectrum School Sites

    The Student Assignment Transition Plan for 2019-20 was approved by the School Board on Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019. Related materials are available on the meeting agenda page.

    2018-19 Highly Capable Pathway Schools

    Current for 2018-2019 only
    The Highly Capable Pathway School known also as the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) offers a model of advanced instruction in both reading/ELA and Mathematics and is most beneficial for students who are currently performing significantly above standard in both academic areas.  Advancement of two years in mathematics and up to two years in reading/ELA for some students is a researched-based model and can be very effective for students who benefit from significant advanced instruction and content.

    • Cascadia, Grades 1-5
    • Decatur, Grades 1-5
    • T. Marshall Elementary, Grades 1-5
    • Fairmount Park Elementary, Grades 1-5 (Option School site)
    • Jane Addams Middle School, Grades 6-8
    • Hamilton International Middle School, Grades 6-8
    • Madison Middle School, Grades 6-8 (6th grade Pathway, 7th & 8th grade Option School site as of 2017-2018)
    • Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, Grades 6-8
    • Washington Middle School, Grades 6-8
    • HCC AP pathway at Garfield (AP courses open to all students), Grades 9-12
    • Accelerated IB Program (IBX) at Ingraham, Grades 9-12

    2019-20 Spectrum Sites (Grades 1-5)

    Historically, designated Spectrum sites provided programming in a self-contained setting for students receiving Advanced Learning (AL) services. Over the past several years, self-contained programming has transitioned to integrated Advanced Learning services/opportunities and are now offered in every elementary school in Seattle Schools.  Information on the school plan for advanced instruction may be found in the  School Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP).

    Currently, we have 14 sites that remain as designated 'Spectrum' although no Spectrum site provides advanced learning instruction and services in a self-contained setting. 
    Parents may apply for your AL-eligible child to attend one of these 14 sites: 

    • Arbor Heights Elementary
    • BF Day Elementary
    • Fairmount Park Elementary
    • Hawthorne Elementary
    • Lafayette Elementary
    • Lawton Elementary
    • Lowell Elementary
    • Muir Elementary
    • View Ridge Elementary
    • Wedgwood Elementary
    • Whittier Elementary
    • Wing Luke Elementary

    Spectrum K-8 Programs

    • Broadview-Thomson K-8
    • Hazel Wolf K-8 (formerly Jane Addams K-8)

    Advanced Learning Instruction for grades 6-8 is offered at all SPS middle schools.