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    Waste Sorting Help Sheet - Seattle Public Schools 2017


    • All food scraps, including: fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, shells & bones, pasta & rice, eggshells, nutshells, bread & grains, meat, fish & dairy.

    • Food-soiled paper, including: uncoated (not shiny) paper bags, paper towels & napkins, greasy pizza boxes, uncoated (not shiny) food-soiled uncoated paper plates and trays, & shredded paper.

    • Paper lined with compostable material (ex: brown paper boats that say “compostable” on the bottom) and waxed paper

    • Plant and yard waste, including: flowers and houseplants, leaves, branches and grass clippings.


    • Paper – Homework, drawings (once both sides are used is best,) colored art paper

    • Cardboard

    • BIG Lids and caps larger than three inches in diameter

    • Empty juice boxes, milk cartons, plastic bottles, coffee cups and lids (larger than 3”)

    • Empty plastic cereal bowls and juice cups with lid removed

    • “Spoon clean” plastic yogurt and applesauce cups with lid removed


    • SMALL plastic caps and lids less than three inches in diameter

    • Plastic straws, forks, spoons, knives

    • Pencils, pens, glue sticks, erasers, and crayons (or you can re-melt broken crayons into new ones to use again)

    • Foil juice containers (ex: Capri Sun)

    • Plastic film (ex: Saran Wrap, film lid on single-use cereal bowls)

    • Chip bags, ziplock bags, candy wrappers, carrot/apple/roll bags

    • Liquid - please pour out all liquid into a sink or basin at the sort line