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    Seattle Public Schools is working to insure that all of its curricular and supplemental electronic instructional technology and digital content acquired from third-party vendors are accessible to people with disabilities. To achieve that goal, SPS has conducted a district wide audit of instructional technology to insure compliance.

    The audit included software programs or applications that are used district-wide or school wide building-wide for all grades at individual schools. Each program/app was reviewed to determine if met federal or state regulations and guidelines for accessibility. This process identified a number of programs/apps that are not accessible to people with disabilities.

    The corrective action plan will improve accessibility and ensure compliance with this element of the consent decree. This plan should be considered a draft. It will be revised as appropriate as the corrections are applied and new elements are identified. All elements must be completed by September 2018 to comply with the consent decree.

    Questions about this audit and corrective action plan should be sent to

    Created 5/4/2017