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    Resolutions Adopted by the Board

    2016/17-1        Acknowledgment of Duwamish Nation

    2016/17-3        Racial Imbalance Analysis for EC Hughes Elementary School Renovation Project

    2016/17-4        Racial Imbalance Analysis for Magnolia Elementary School Renovation and Addition Project

    2016/17-5        Intent to Construct: Loyal Heights Elementary School Modernization and Addition Project

    2016/17-6        Certifying Excess Levies and Calculations of General Fund Levy Rollback

    2016/17-8        Racial Imbalance Analysis for the Daniel Bagley Elementary School Modernization and Addition project

    2016/17-9        Intent to Construct: EC Hughes School Modernization Project

    2016/17-10      5-year use/30-year Building Life:  E.C. Hughes Elementary School Modernization project

    2016/17-11      5-year use/ 30-year Building Life: Loyal Heights Modernization project

    2016/17-12      Affirming the Provision of Safe, Welcoming, and Inclusive Schools for All Students without Regard to Race, Religion, National Origin, or Immigration Status

    2016/17-13      Fully Funding Basic Education

    2016/17-14      Intent to Construct: Magnolia Elementary School Renovation and Addition Project

    2016/17-15      5yr Use/30yr Building Life: Magnolia Elementary School Renovation and Addition Project

    2016/17-16     Building Commissioning Report for the Seattle World School at T.T. Minor Modernization Project

    2016/17-17     Supporting Ethnic Studies in Seattle Public Schools

    2016/17-18     Building Commissioning Report for the Hazel Wolf K-8 at Pinehurst Replacement Project

    2016/17-20     Building Commissioning Report for the Genesee Hill Elementary School Replacement Project

    2016/17-21     Intent to Construct: Lincoln High School Modernization

    2016/17-23     Allowing Usage of a Portion of the Economic Stabilization Account

    2016/17-25     New-in-Lieu Replacement Option for the Wing Luke Elementary School Project

    2016/17-27     Fixing and Adopting the Budget