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    Nancy Petersen

    Nancy Petersen
    Director, Infrastruce
    206-252-0480 |

    Picture of April Mardock

    April Mardock
    Manager, IT Operations and CyberSecurity
    206-252-0353 |

    Picture of David Hawley

    David Hawley
    Manager, TechLine
    206-252-0328 |

    Picture of Colleen Halvorson

    Colleen Halvorson
    Manager, Technology Services
    206-252-0428 |

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    Timothy Hall
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    206-252-0305 |

    picture of Judie Jaeger

    Judie Jaeger
    Director, Enterprise Applications & Data Services
    206-252-0461 |

    Picture of William Drake

    William Drake
    Manager, Student Systems
    206-252-0478 |

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    Anna Cruz
    Manager, Business Intelligence
    206-252-0447 |

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    Carrie McKenzie
    Manager, Project Management
    206-252-0364 |