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    School Choice for 2021-22

    Open Enrollment begins February 1 - 19, 2021.

    Choice applications will be accepted after this date through May 31, but will be considered "late" and will no longer qualify for sibling or Geo-zone priority tiebreakers. School Choice applications will be available online the same day, February 1st.

    Non-Resident Enrollment Timeline

    • Non-Seattle resident enrollment: Jun. 1 - Aug. 31, 2021

    Open Enrollment Results Available

    School Choice results is available online through the Assignment Lookup Tool. To use the Assignment Lookup Tool, please enter your student’s ID number and birth date.

    Waitlists for the 2021-22 school year will dissolve on August 31, 2021.

    If additional choice seats become available, waitlisted students will be contacted by Admissions in waitlist order, to be offered a choice assignment; families will have 48 hours to accept or decline the offer before the next student must be called. Please confirm parent and guardian contact information in the Source is current.

    If you need assistance, please contact the Admissions office online or by phone 206-252-0760.

    Fall 2020-2021:

    All registered SPS students will participate in remote learning with their assigned school. During the remote learning period, all student assignment policies and procedures will remain in effect. This includes but not limited to enrollment practices and procedures, address changes, and waitlist moves. For more information about our student assignment policies please review the Student Assignment Plan 3130 and Superintendent Procedure 3130 SP.

    Option Schools with Continuous Enrollment

    All option schools with continuous enrollment are considered upon request. Please contact us online if you are interested in attending any one of our option schools with continuous enrollment.

    Some schools require capacity reviews or additional enrollment procedures.

    Linked School Charts for 2020-21

    Linked School Charts 2019-2020

    View the pathway schools for each program offered at each school in the links below:

    Historical Choice Data

    Would you like to know how many students applied for school choice in 2020-21? Or the number of students who were waitlisted? Click here to download charts containing the most recent school choice results.

    Click here to download charts containing the 2019 school choice results.

    Click here to download charts containing the 2018 school choice results.

    Click here to download charts containing the 2017 school choice results.

    Section 2 of the Annual Enrollment Report, produced by Enrollment Planning, also contains detailed historical choice data for each school.

    Last updated: 04/20/2020