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    CTE Programs at Individual Schools

    CTE Courses by High School and CTE Pathways

    Exploratory Courses

    Preparatory Courses

    Career Academies

    Career Pathways

    Career pathways are series of connected courses and resources that provide students to experience their education in a more meaningful career-focused way, connected to post secondary options, dual credit, and career connected learning such as internships.  Seattle Public Schools supports career focus in the following pathways: 

    Students have access to career exploration and skills development in multiple career areas in each pathway and many are interrelated. Technology, leadership development, and career connected learning opportunities are tied together in each career pathway.

    • Arts, Design, & Graphics
    • Culinary & Hospitality
    • Business & Marketing
    • Health & Medical
    • Skilled Trades
    • STEM-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
    • Education & Human Services


    Cross-credited courses provides high school students with core academic credit towards graduation and college and university admissions. It blends academic and career & technical studies. This is an alternative way for students to meet graduation requirements, and supports pursuit of preparatory Career and Technical Education Pathway completion.

    As examples, teachers have designed integrated projects combining Engineering and Science, physics and electronics; geometry and auto mechanics; English and marketing; algebra and drafting; physics and agricultural science;and medical terminology and Spanish.

    Transition Services

    Transition services are services above and beyond conventional high school classes that provide extra support for students who need assistance in preparing for college, in obtaining and sustaining employment, independent living skills, and in other areas necessary to be an independent and successful adult. These services are mandated for students with disabilities, but there are many more students who need and will benefit from them.

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    Contact Us

    Phone: 206-252-0735

    Jane Hendrickson 
    CTE Program Manager

    Kathryn Searle
    CTE Internship and Career Pathways Coordinator 

    Pathway Specialists

    Harvey Wright
    Arts, Design, and Graphics, and Skilled Trades

    Maria Herrera-Lofton
    Business, Marketing, and NAF Career Academies

    Susan Grant
    Agriculture, Health & Medical,  Culinary & Hospitality, Education and Human Services

    John Parker
    STEM--Science, Technology, Engineering, Math


    Career and Technical Education broadens career choices for students, supports and promotes quality instruction, and ensures that every secondary school has a range of CTE offerings for every student, including preparatory Seattle Skills Center options.