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    Rising 6th and 9th Grade Math Enrollment FAQ

    How is my child's next math course determined?

    All students should be enrolled in the next math course in sequence based on the student's current year math course.  Refer to the sequence of math courses below.  For rising 6th graders, the current year math course will be communicated from the elementary school to the receiving middle school.  Rising 9th graders will enroll for their high school courses online through the Source.  During this registration process, students will enroll in their next course in sequence.  If there are questions, contact the receiving middle or high school.

    5th grade math Math 6 Math 7 Math 8 Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Precalculus


    What additional supports are available for students who need extra support in math in middle and high school?

    In addition to after school help and/or volunteer tutor support, many schools offer a second-dose math class.  At middle school, all students will be enrolled in a core math class and some students may also be enrolled in a second period of math which could be "Empowerment Math 2.0" or "Math Improve."  These courses will provide pre-teaching and re-teaching to support student success in the core math class.

    At high school, all students will be enrolled in a core math class and some students may also choose to enroll in a second period of math.  This support course is aligned to the core math content and corresponds in name.  For example, students could be enrolled in Algebra 1 and Algebra 1 Lab.  Math-lab courses are considered elective courses and count towards elective credit.

    How will my child's middle school or high school know if they need support?  How are students identified?

    For rising 6th graders enrolling in Math 6: Students who scored a level 1 on the 4th grade math SBA are identified as potential candidates for support. 5th grade teachers review the identification and can make any needed changes before the information is shared with the middle schools. Middle schools then determine how to structure this support for incoming 6th graders, second-dose class or in-class support structures.

    Rising 7th and 8th graders may also be identified by their current year math teacher for support.

    For all rising 9th graders: Students will enroll for their high school courses online through the Source.  8th grade math teachers will advise students to the appropriate next course in sequence.  For rising 9th graders enrolling in Algebra 1, a student could be advised to register for Algebra 1 Lab in addition to an Algebra 1 course based on Smarter Balanced scores and/or course performance. 

    What does "support" look like?

    In some schools, depending on resources, the student may take an additional math course that will provide pre-teaching and re-teaching to support student success in the core Algebra 1 or Math 6 class.

    In other schools, support may be available after school through tutoring programs, or teachers may use instructional strategies to provide additional support during class time.

    Parents/guardians can also provide support; please see Family Resources sections of our Mathematics pages for middle and high school.

    My child is enrolled in Math 7 as a 6th grader. Is that the same as Grade 6 Honors, or Math 6H?

    It is the same content. Some schools have separate honors courses for 6th grade students doing 7th grade math, while others enroll students in mixed grade-level classes working on 7th grade math standards. Your middle school will be able to clarify this for you.

    Do teachers have a say in the math courses students are enrolled in?

    Fifth grade teachers are asked to review the math enrollment of their current students to ensure the next course in sequence is correct.  Eighth grade teachers are asked to advise their students on what is the appropriate next course in sequence.  Students enroll for their high school courses online through the Source.

    Math Pathway FAQ

    What if I think my child should take a more accelerated math course and pathway?

    Please see the Math Pathway Placement Contract for 6th or 9th Grade for more information.

    The Math Pathway chart does not include an "HCC" pathway. Does that still exist?

    Students in the Highly Capable Cohort (HCC) are two years accelerated and will complete Geometry as 8th graders. Those students, assuming they are succeeding in their current math course, will be enrolled in Algebra 2 as 9th graders. This pathway would lead to students Precalculus in 10th grade, AP Calculus AB or BC in 11th grade, and additional AP or advanced math courses in 12th grade.  Students in HCC who attend Ingraham HS, Chief Sealth HS, or Rainier Beach HS have the option of enrolling in International Baccalaureate mathematics courses in 11th and 12th grade.

    Is Running Start an option?

    Students can take mathematics courses through Running Start in 11th or 12th grade.  Placement into math courses will follow each college's criteria and may include a placement test, review of SAT, ACT, or Smarter Balanced scores, or review of Seattle Public Schools transcript.  Students should contact their school counselor in order to officially enroll in the Running Start program.