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    Seattle Public Schools Mathematics Pathway is designed for prepare all Seattle students for college and careers, new high school graduation requirements, and state exams in Algebra I and Geometry. The recommended pathway from middle through high school is to complete the three-year middle school CMP2 sequence (Math 6, Math 7, and 8), followed by Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and PreCalculus or a higher-level mathematics course.

    Seattle Public Schools Mathematics Pathway
    Grade Level
    Seattle College-Readiness
    Mathematics Pathway
    Seattle Accelerated Mathematics Pathway*
    K – 5
    Everyday Math
    Everyday Math (accelerated one grade level)
    Math 6
    Math 7
    Math 7
    Math 8
    Math 8
    Algebra I**
    Required for High School Graduation and College Application
    Algebra I**
    Algebra II
    Algebra II
    Students may substitute a state-approved option for Algebra II, but should check with colleges regarding admission requirements.
    Recommended for College & Career Preparation
    PreCalculus, AP Statistics, or IB Mathematics
    AP Calculus AB, AP Statistics, or IB Mathematics

    *A small number of students – generally those in the APP program at the elementary level - will participate in mathematics two years above grade level. Assuming students continue in this pathway, they would take Math 8 in sixth grade and Algebra II in ninth grade, finishing with BC Calculus or IB Mathematics in twelfth grade.

    **Beginning in 2010-2011 school year, students enrolled in Algebra I or Geometry will take the state End of Course (EOC) exam for that course, given in June of each year. Students who have taken Algebra I or Geometry prior to 2010-2011 will take a makeup test in that subject, also given in June. See the link below for additional information about state tests for high school mathematics.

    6th & 9th Grade Math Course Placement Information

    In early spring, schools will receive placement recommendations for students based on each student’s current math course, grade in that course (for 8th grade students), teacher recommendation, most recent state test scores, and MAP data.

    The data will also be used to make recommendations for students who will benefit from either additional support or a more accelerated mathematics pathway as they enter middle or high school.

    Schools may choose to send letters to notify parents of math placements, or they may choose to notify parents through the same methods they use to communicate other course placements and schedules.

    Frequently asked questions about the Math Pathway and 6th/9th Grade Math Placement
    Math PathwaysPathway Contract for 6th/9th Graders Opting Up

    Students Receiving Special Education Services

    The Mathematics Pathway is not intended to change or override the existing Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for any student receiving Special Education services. Please contact your child's IEP teacher if you have questions.

    Students Receiving English Language Learner (ELL) Services

    The Mathematics Pathway is not intended to change or override a math class placement for a student at the Secondary Bilingual Orientation Center (SBOC) or a student who is taking introductory ELL courses. Please contact your child's ELL teacher or counselor if you have questions.