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    In elementary classes, beginning in Kindergarten, students have their first exposure to mathematical ideas, concepts, procedures, and applications. They are introduced to, practice, and develop mastery in the areas of Number Sense, Geometry, Measurement, Algebra, Probability and Statistics while they become problem solvers and learn to communicate about mathematics.

    Our elementary mathematics program, guided by Washington State standards approved in July of 2008, will provide a balance of:

    • Conceptual Understanding
    • Procedural Proficiency
    • Problem-solving and Processes

    In 2013, Seattle Public Schools adopted Math in Focus as its core curricular material for mathematics. Math in Focus relies heavily on the Singapore method of teaching mathematics. In this approach students systemically move from concrete understanding to pictorial representations, to abstract understanding and representations. 

    Supporting Mathematics Learning at Home

    Families can support learning at home by:
    Developing students’ procedural proficiency by practicing math facts with them.  Just as students should read at home every day, they should also practice mathematics at home every day. 
    Help your student develop the attributes of a math learner by using Questioning to Learn strategies.
    Promoting effective use of homework time by using Helping Your Child with Homework Brochure and resources below.

    Other Resources

    Conceptual Understanding

    Problem Solving

    Practice with Facts or Procedures