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    GSA Student Groups

    Pride Parade participants along with  balloons and rainbows on a float We are proud to have Gender and Sexuality Alliances aka Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) groups at almost all high schools and many middle schools. 

    To get connected with a group at your school, please e-mail: with your name and which school you attend. 

    K-5 Gender Book Kits

    In response to student need, the district introduced supplementary classroom materials that focus on age-appropriate concepts of gender and gender identity. The K-5 Gender Book Kits are available to Seattle’s K-5 teachers.

    The books and lessons were developed by a district-led task force community members, parents and educators in response to the state’s adoption of new Health Education standards. These standards introduce at the elementary school level concepts such as gender, gender roles, gender expression and gender identity.

    Our district promotes safe, welcoming schools

    While the state includes gender identity within Health Education standards, the discussions around gender identity align with the district’s commitment to identity safety for all. An identity safe classroom allows students to feel visible and valued.

    Classroom conversations have already been happening organically as most of our schools have students who identify as transgender or are gender non-conforming. Rather than put educators in the position of finding materials to answer student questions, the district led the work to provide standards-based, age-appropriate materials.

    While individual families hold their own beliefs and values about a wide range of issues, SPS will continue to support the universal values of kindness and respect in the classroom.

    Overall, the K-5 Gender Book Kit aims to:

    • Meet the Washington State Health Education Standards for Self-Identity, while aligning with grade-level Literacy Standards
    • Reflect the lived experiences of students, families, and friends
    • Provide accurate, age-appropriate information about gender identity and expression
    • Build empathy for people whose experiences are different from their own
    • Decrease bullying and harassment