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    General Information for New Employees Seattle Public Schools

    Seattle Public Schools benefits are administered by the Washington State Healthcare Authority (HCA) under the School Employees Benefits Board (SEBB).

    Eligibility for benefits is determined by the number of hours employees are anticipated to work during the school year (September 1 through August 31). Any employee who is scheduled to work 630 hours or more in a year is eligible for benefits. More information about determining eligibility for employees that are not scheduled to work 630 hours per year at the start of the school year can be found on the HCA website here.

    Employees have a selection of medical, dental and vision plans, as well as other supplemental benefits options to enroll in. For more information on premiums, supplemental coverage, please visit the HCA website by clicking here. Additional information can be found on the Sprague Israel Giles (SIG) webpage (password to access is 'sps'). SIG is a third-party partner that manages the District's Benefits Helpline and can assist with any issues regarding enrollment or other benefits-related matters.

    Employees who become eligible for the District's group benefits program must enroll-in or waive a medical plan option within 31 calendar days of their employment date. Employees who wait beyond the first 31 calendar days of employment will be automatically enrolled in medical, dental and vision coverage by the Health Care Authority. SPS offers twice-monthly Benefits Informational Sessions where newly hired employees can learn all about their benefit options. Information on where/how to sign up will be provided upon hire.

    Additional information is available to employees through the District's benefits website, found at (password is 'sps'). You may also contact the Benefits Helpline at (206) 957-7066.