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    Community Partnerships

    Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are a vital part of our school communities that provide additional services and resources to Seattle Public School students

    This page is designed to give community organizations and staff the tools they need to plan and partner with teachers, business and administration. Examples of partnerships include:

    • Academic Enrichment through Field Trips, assemblies, guest speaker and teaching artists
    • Tutoring, mentoring, enrichment and volunteer programs provided through Before and After school programs
    • College Prep and Career Exploration

    Tools and Resources for Community Partnerships

    To create tools that foster impactful student learning and support effective collaborations between community organizations and schools in Seattle, Washington.

    Project History

    Around the country, projects that support arts learning are collecting, developing and employing tools to support all phases of school/community organization collaborations to impact and improve student learning. With support from the Wallace Foundation, Seattle. Washington has joined the ranks under the auspices of the Seattle K-12 Arts Learning Collaborative.

    Seattle Public Schools contracted the Seattle Art Museum to conduct research of best practices and convene a Working Group composed of local stakeholders to draft relative tools and lay out a plan for Seattle. The developed tools are inspired by and based on national research and data culled from surveys and focused groups with stakeholders.

    These tools are designed to be either printed and filled in, or filled out on the web and then printed for distribution.


    • Needs Assessment Toolkit—Where Do We Start? (PDF)
    • Planning Toolkit—Where Are We Going? (PDF)
    • Instruction Toolkit—What Will We Do Together? (PDF)
    • Assessment and Program Evaluation Toolkit—What Impact Are We Having? (PDF)

    Frequently Asked Questions: SPS School and Community Partnerships

    1. How do I approach partnering with Seattle Public Schools?

    Seattle Public Schools values the many collaborative partnerships with community organizations, government, and the business sector that support student success in countless ways. This work is supported by Board Policy 4265 (link) and is steadily growing across the district. Partnerships can take on many forms, here a few things to consider: The goal of community partnerships is to more holistically support our youth, this mean academically aligning your work with the needs of the school. Explore the Continuous School Improvement Plan (CSIP) and curriculums of the school(s) you’d like to work with and look at the data for your school or region.

    2. Where can I find out more information about the background and demographics of the Seattle School District?

    A good deal of data is readily available through OSPI and District school reports and region maps.

    3. How do I access student data from the district?

    To learn more about District data processes, FERPA, and access to databases please visit the data specific FAQ.

    4. How do I volunteer with Seattle Public Schools?

    The District is currently updating Volunteering process, including fingerprinting and background check protocol. Please check back soon.

    5. How do I secure space in a school through building rentals and/or leasing?

    Seattle Public Schools has a process for leasing and rentals. Please visit Hourly Building Rentals and Leasing in Operating Schools or contact Kathy Johnson for more information. If you are a CBO that is participating in the Community Alignment Initiative contact Susan Hall.

    6. Who is the best person to contact for partnership needs?

    School and Principal contact information can be found in the SPS School Directory.

    7. How can family members partner with schools?

    Parents and Family members are crucial partners and there are several ways to get involved. Join the PTSA at your school, join a Family Engagement Action Team available at many schools or explore the options of Family Connectors and parent leaders.

    8. Where do I find information about the Family and Education Levy?

    The Office For Education administers the Seattle Families and Education Levy which supports positive child and youth development programs that will help all of Seattle's children become school ready, succeed academically, and graduate from high school.

    9. What are some other partnership initiatives across our region?

    There are many exciting partnership initiatives impacting the students and communities of Seattle Public Schools and other Puget Sound  regions. They include The Road Map Project supported by theCommunity Center for Educational Results, South East Seattle Education Coalition (SESEC), Seattle College Access Network (SCAN), and theYouth Development Executives of King County (YDEKC).

    10. How do I donate to Seattle Public Schools?

    Have a computer or a piano to donate to a school? Learn how here.

    11. When do I need a self help application?

    The Self Help Projects Program is part of the Facility Operations Department and is responsible for any project to improve our school buildings or grounds by non-district staff. Contact Gretchen DeDecker for more information.