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    What are special education services?

    Special education services are the supports, settings, and instruction provided to an individual student, supplementing general education curriculums and settings. The scope and design of each student’s services are driven by their evaluation.

    Continuum Approach - Learn about Seattle Public Schools' approach to delivering special education.


    What services will your student receive?

    Services are based on each eligible student’s unique educational needs. Every student receiving special education services has an IEP (Individualized Education Program) which defines what services that student receives.

    IEP (Individualized Education Program) - This document comprehensively describes the special education services an individual student receives. The format of an IEP is standardized, but the details are specific to each student. Each student's IEP is developed by their IEP team. Services must align with the student's established needs.

    Placement and Primary Service Types - Placement is informed by the IEP and defines the setting, intensity, and instructional content of each student’s services. Within Seattle Public Schools, each IEP team selects a SPS Primary Service type based on placement decisions. This choice will determine some aspects of service delivery within Seattle Public Schools.


    Where will your student receive services?

    Assignment and Service Locations - A student's assignment is the location where they attend school. The district determines assignment, after considering the student’s placement and services. When possible and appropriate, students receiving special education services will be served in their neighborhood school. Some students may have modified assignments due to the complexity of their services.


    How will your student change or maintain services?

    Changing Schools and Rising - As students progress through their education, they are likely to change schools at least once. Why might a student change schools? What are your student's options, and what is affected by special education services?

    Maintaining and Revising Services - Change and growth are expected. Learn about what that means for your student's services. Yearly IEP reviews and other types of changes.

    Exiting Services - Details about exiting from special education services. Graduation, aging out, and summary of performance (SoP).

    Related Topics and Services - An index of topics and services related to special education.


    What about services for students not currently attending Seattle Public Schools?

    Students Not Attending Seattle Public Schools - For students entering the district with an IEP, students attending private school or homeschool, and students who are dually-enrolled.