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    Students exit services in three ways: by evaluation, by graduation, or by age. Individual service adjustments may be made through annual IEP adjustment, but an evaluation must be performed for a student to exit all services. IEP teams, prior to graduation, determine if a student will benefit from 18-21 transition services. If not, the graduation date will be defined as the end of services. All other students will end services through Seattle Public Schools on the last school day of the year in which they turn 21. Exiting students will be provided with a Summary of Performance.

    Summary of Performance (SOP)

    An SOP is a summary of school achievement and functional performance. It is a tool to support the student’s transition from school to higher education, training, employment and/or adult services. It includes:

    • Academic achievement for reading, math, and written language
    • Functional performance, such as attention, communication, and social skills
    • Recommendations for further education, employment, and independent living