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    There shall be an individual Employee Contract and a Supplemental Contract (TRI), in conformity with Washington State law and rules and regulations of the Seattle Public Schools and Seattle School Board.

    HR Analysts determine what type of contract that certificated staff members receive based upon their Washington State Public School experience, and the status of the position.


    Upon being hired to a certificated position, the certificated staff receives the appropriate contract.

    The contract types include:

    • Continuing
    • Provisional 1
    • Provisional 2
    • Provisional 3
    • Non-Continuing, One Year

    The new teacher and appropriate administrator are informed of the contract status.

    Conversion from one contract status to another depends upon satisfactory evaluations, and in the case of Non-Continuing, One-Year Contracts, the availability of a position.

    After 3 years of satisfactory performance, Provisional employees receive continuing contracts for the following year.

    Continuing Contracts are given to certificated staff after completing 3 years (or 2 years for teachers in their first year of teaching prior to 2009 -10) of successful probationary contract years in a Washington Public School district.

    Provisional Contracts are 3 year probationary contracts which after 3 successful years lead to a Continuing Contract. (Teachers hired in 2008-09 and before completed a 2 year probationary period).

    Non-Continuing, One-Year Contracts are offered to leave replacement teachers. The one year contract holds the place for the teacher’s return from leave.

    Procedure Owner: Amy Valenti

    CBA: Article IV, Section B. Types of Employee Contracts RCW: 28A.405.9