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    SPS students and staff now have access to Microsoft OneDrive for Business, powered by Office 365. OneDrive for Business makes it easy to collaborate on MS Office documents. OneDrive for Business also features 1 TB of file storage for each individual with an account. Some benefits of OneDrive for Business include:

    • Real-time collaboration editing documents using the online Office Web Apps or Office desktop client apps
    • Sharing files with others and managing who can edit documents
    • Accessing the same files via a phone, tablet or computer away from the office

    Check out this quick introduction to OneDrive for Business.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I access OneDrive for Business?

    You can access your OneDrive for Business account through a web browser on any device by visiting Log in using your SPS and password.

    On mobile devices, there are several options to access OneDrive for Business:

    • Any web browser on the device 
    • OneDrive for Business app for iPhone and iPad with read-only access.
    • Microsoft Office Mobile app for iPhone with the ability to edit, open and create files.
    • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint individual apps for iPad with read-only access.
    • Microsoft Office Mobile app for Android with the ability to create, open, edit and save files

    Is OneDrive for Business a replacement for the H drive?

    No. OneDrive for Business is not a replacement for your H drive. 

    Can I access my OneDrive for Business documents from home?

    Yes. Documents saved to your OneDrive for Business account can be accessed anywhere through a web browser or on your mobile device.

    Does OneDrive for Business allow for external sharing?

    Yes, OneDrive for Business allows you to share files with people outside the District. Please be mindful of who you are sharing files with and ensure they have a valid business reason to see that data.

    How large files can I upload to OneDrive?

    When using OneDrive in the web, you can upload files up to 10 GB*.

    What web browsers is OneDrive for Business compatible with?

    For the best experience with OneDrive for Business, users should use the current version of Chrome/Edge Chromium (new Microsoft Edge). Internet Explorer is no longer supported for Office 365.

    *If you experience issues with functionality when using OneDrive for Business on a District computer, please try using Chrome/Edge Chromium (new Microsoft Edge).

    Is OneDrive for Business available for students?


    I have a personal OneDrive account. Is that different from OneDrive for Business?

    Yes. OneDrive for Business is different than OneDrive. A OneDrive account is tied to a personal Microsoft consumer account that is not managed by SPS. A OneDrive for Business account is tied to your SPS (Office 365) account that is managed by the district and is meant for business use only. Please note that these two accounts cannot be combined.

    How can I learn more about how to use OneDrive for Business?

    To learn more about how to use OneDrive for Business, please visit the Microsoft OneDrive for Business resource site.

    What customer support is available?

    For assistance on accessing your OneDrive for Business account, staff should contact the Techline. Please note that the Techline is unable to assist with support of any issues on personal devices. If you are a student and are having trouble with OneDrive, please contact your teacher.