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    Celebrating Native student success!

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    Hello  šəqačib scholars and families!

    What a deep honor it is me for to be your principal and to post on this blog! 

    Scholars, I am very proud of you and thankful for the great job you are doing trying your best with online learning!  All of us at Denny are here to help with questions or resources that would help you get the most out of your online classes. We love you and see your brilliance!

    Last year, we started a Scholar of the Month recognition program with each staff member selecting one scholar to honor monthly.  The first scholar I chose was Kody Stout for the terrific job he was doing in many ways as an 8th grader.  This picture is Kody and me celebrating this well-deserved recognition!  The encouragement his family has shared with him to do your best is a good message for all of us to hear!

    To all of our  Native and Indigenous families, thank you so much for your amazing partnership! We appreciate the trust you have given us by sending your children to our school.  We will honor and take care of them, academically and socially, in every way that we can.  I hope you are receiving the weekly updates from me—please call our main office at 206-252-9000 if you are not getting the update emails.  We would also love to hear your ideas and feedback any time—please us know how we can better serve you and your child.

    I also want to use this time to share how grateful all of us at Denny are to have šəqačib as a very important part of our school, both now in middle school and when our kids go on to high school! A big shout-out of appreciation goes  to Ms. Boo and Mr. Kam for all that they do for our kids, families, and our entire community! Mr. Boo and Mr. Kam, you are greatly appreciated!

    We raise our hands up to all of you to honor you and show our appreciation and gratitude! Let’s continue to work together to make the most of this school year, whether we are fully online, having classes in person two days a week, or fully back at school.  Go Dolphins!

    -Mr. Clark; Principal  Denny International Middle School









    Posted by balkanfoster  On Sep 28, 2020 at 8:37 PM

    Shared with permission:

    Century Link Field and the Seattle Seahawks in the middle getting a touch of bəqəlšuɫ (Muckleshoot) warrior culture at the main gate and front door!!!

    A beautiful marker of the original peoples of this region and city and a direct declarative statement that through it all, we remain...


    -Donny Stevenson; Tribal Council Vice-Chair - Muckleshoot Indian TribeMuckleshoot

    Thank you Mr. Stevenson.  Leaders that celebrate positive events in our community are appreciated and powerful role models for all of us - especially our youth.

    Posted by balkanfoster  On Sep 22, 2020 at 11:12 AM


    On behalf of the entire staff at Chief Sealth International High School, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to the new school year to all family members of our Native and Indigenous students.  I am honored and proud to be the principal of this beautiful school which was named for the well-known and respected Chief of the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes.  I also feel very honored that you entrust the education to your precious children to our staff.  We are proud of our academic offerings and I want you to know that we will give your students the very best.  We will strive to elevate them, celebrate their greatness and talents and raise our hands up to acknowledge the long legacies of Native strength and courage.  We are partners with you from start to finish, so please keep in touch and let us know how we can better serve you.  It’s great to be a Seahawk! 

    -Aida Fraser-Hammer, Principal Chief Sealth International High School


    Principal Fraser-Hammer


    Posted by balkanfoster  On Sep 14, 2020 at 1:07 PM
    Posted by balkanfoster  On Sep 14, 2020 at 11:40 AM

    I was thrilled to see some of my students last week in class and hear the rest.  I look forward to when they will all will turn their cameras on so I can see their beautiful faces.  Please reach out to me if your child is at Denny or Chief Sealth and I can be of assistance.  It is my privilege to work in partnership with you.  I know navigating this new virtual school can be a challenge.  I'm posting some resources you may find helpful from Chief Sealth librarian Mr. Azinger. 

    Logging in for the 1st Time

    • Your login will begin with the number 1, followed by the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your middle name, and ending with your entire last name.  
      • For example, a student named Kamala Devi Harris would login with:  1kdharris
    • Your temporary password will be your 8-digit birthdate in the form of mm/dd/yyyy.  
      • For example, a birthday of February 9, 2004 would use 02092004
    • NOTE: you will be asked to enter a new password when you log in the first time. 
      Please put this login and password into the notes of your phone for future use. 

    New Student FAQ

    Q: What if I’ve been a Seattle Public School student before, and am returning to Sealth?
    A: You are considered a new student.  However, please do not use a password that you may have used in the past.  Choose a brand new 8-character password.

    Q: I don’t have a middle name, what should I do?
    A: Try entering 1, the first two letters of your first name, and your complete last name. A student named Kamala Harris would login with 1kaharris. If that doesn’t work, contact your teacher or your librarian. 

    Q: My last name is hyphenated, or both last names are considered my full last name.
    A: Please make sure that there are no spaces or hyphens between your last names.  A student named Kamala Davi Harris-Gopalan would login with 1kdharrisgopalan

    Schoology Login

    To access Schoology:

    • Go to
    • Hover over ‘Students’ at the top of the screen
    • Select ‘Schoology’
    • Login with
    • Ex. Kamala Davi Harris would login with

    Laptop or Login Concerns or Problems

    If you are unable to login or need assistance with your laptop: call or email our tech support team. 

    More Login Information

    FAQ for Returning Sealth Students--Welcome Back Seahawks!

    Q: I would like to change my password. How can I do that?
    A: You can reset it by following the directions by clicking the following link:
    Q: I can’t remember my password, but I remember my previous password.
    A: If you forgot your current password but remember the previous password, you may be able to reset it by visiting

    Q: I can’t remember my password.
    A: Please contact your teacher or your librarian by email with this information:

    1. Your complete first and last name.
    2. Your grade
    3. Your student ID number
    4. Two of your teacher’s names this current semester. (We do this to verify that you are who you are).

    Once this has been reset with a temporary password, use a brand new, eight-character password, and one that you have never used before.  Please put this information into the notes into your phone for later use.

    Posted by balkanfoster  On Sep 13, 2020 at 3:32 PM