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    Appeal Process: Change Request in Learning Model

    Beginning April 5, parents or guardians may request an appeal if:
    1. The district made an error in assignment, or
    2. Can provide evidence of an extreme or unique extenuating circumstance.

    These measures are considered under the appeal process. Appeals are subject to classroom capacity and are not granted on the basis of personal preference or perceived quality of classroom. During the review process, parents or guardians must maintain their current learning model pending final decision.

    How to Submit an Appeal

    To appeal, the parent or guardian completes the Appeal Form and provides a parent or guardian statement with support documentation that may be required depending on the declaration of circumstances. The parent or guardian is responsible for providing the documentation. Forms are available below.

    Review Process

    Completed appeal forms are submitted to the Admissions Center and forwarded to the appeals review team for the review process.

    The appeals review team members are made up of multiple district employees of various backgrounds from different departments. This team makes the final determination based on appeal guidelines. The outcome may vary according to the circumstances and seat availability.

    Appeal decisions are final.

    * Please Note: At this time, we are only accepting appeals for students in PreK - 5th grade and students served in Special Education Intensive Service Pathways in PreK - 12. For grades 6th - 12th, families can contact their school directly for a change in learning model through April 23rd. After that date, families will need to file a formal appeal.

    In-Person Preference Appeals Forms

    Fill out the web form below. Upon completion, click on the “submit” button to submit.

    Translated PDF forms (Spanish, Somali, Chinese, Vietnamese, Amharic and Oromo) are also available below.

    In-Person Preference Appeal

    Student's First Name*

    Student's Last Name*

    I wish to change to * In person  Remote

    Student ID or Date of Birth

    Student ID:
    Date of Birth:

    School Attending

    Grade *

    Please describe the reason for appeal request *

    Parent or Guardian First Name*

    Parent or Guardian Last Name*

    Please double check your email address because a confirmation will be sent to this address.

    I have read and understand this appeal process. I understand the appeal decision will be final.*

    By typing my name here, I, the parent or guardian, sign that I agree to the conditions of the In-Person Learning Appeal process. *


    PDF Forms

    Upon completion, save or print the document and submit it by email:, or by fax: 206-743-3001, or in person: John Stanford Center, 2445 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 (Mon/Wed 8:30am-12pm, 1pm-4pm).

    Learning Model Appeal Form (Spanish) pdf icon

    Learning Model Appeal Form (Somali) pdf icon

    Learning Model Appeal Form (Chinese) pdf icon

    Learning Model Appeal Form (Vietnamese) pdf icon

    Learning Model Appeal Form (Amharic)pdf icon

    Learning Model Appeal Form (Oromo)pdf icon