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    Seattle Public Schools believes in the brilliance of every child. Kindergarten is going to be a great year where your child will use math to answer their questions about the world.

    In Kindergarten your children will focus on three important areas of mathematics that are aligned with the Common Core standards – Counting, Addition and Subtraction, and Shapes.

    Counting: There are three big skills to practice when learning to count:

    1. Students learn to know number names and the counting sequence to 100.
    2. Students learn that when counting, each object counted or touched corresponds to a number in the counting sequence (one to one correspondence).
    3. Students learn that the last number in their count tells them ‘how many’ objects were counted (Cardinality).

    Putting together and taking apart numbers: Students talk about numbers and play with objects to understand how quantities can be combined to make numbers up to ten or broken apart into smaller quantities.  These skills are used to explore numbers between 11 and 20 and the place value system.

    Shapes: Students will learn to identify, classify, and compose shapes based on features like the number of edges, angles, and curves.

    See the parent guide in the right-hand column or the unit descriptions below for more details. 


    Try This Math at Home

    Kindergarten Math by Unit