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    "Our Students, Their Stories” Portrait Project!

    Seattle Public Schools Health Education Office and local Seattle photographer Nate Gowdy are joining forces to highlight the stories of our amazing LGBTQ2+ students in Seattle Public Schools, as well as LGBTQ2+ staff in a photo book and portrait exhibit.

    The “Our Students, Their Stories” project will showcase the strength, resilience, and unapologetic pride of our amazing LGBTQ2+ students. This project will also highlight the loving and supportive families of these LGBTQ2+ young people, as well as shine light on some LGBTQ2+ staff who help lift up Queer and Trans youth in big and small ways every day.

    The photo book and stories gathered will be used to inform staff training, classroom education, community engagement, parent education, and to celebrate our students’ individual journeys today, and act as a touchstone for future generations.

    If you would like to participate, please contact Lisa Love at (note: the photo shoots require a two-hour time block and will take place through February). The contact information shared here will be kept confidential with Lisa Love, Manager of Health Education, and Nate Gowdy, photographer.

    The photo release form should be signed by each participant.

    More details:

    • We will be scheduling photo shoots on multiple dates in January and some in February. These are two-hour appointments and include photos and interviews. Photos will be taken of LGBTQ+ kids in our district (k-12), and of these students’ families. In addition, we will photograph some SPS staff.
    • At the scheduled photo shoot appointments, we will record an interview with students, staff, and families asking about their experiences in schools, their friends and family support, and what they would like people to know about them.
    • Photos and edited stories will be approved by participants prior to print.
    • A book will be created and a photo gallery show will be scheduled in late May, 2020
    • All schools will receive a copy of the final book.
    • Consent forms must be signed by each individual participant. These will grant permission to use images and quotes for the book, the gallery show, and for presence on the SPS and photographer’s websites.
    • LGBTQ2+ students and their families can participate to the level of their comfort. We can use names or not, photograph faces, or disguise images. All of these desires can be communicated with the photographer.
    • LGBTQ2+ students and their families are encouraged to wear clothes (and even bring items) that reflect who they are. No need to dress up. In fact, if someone is a huge Star Wars fan, or loves Legos, books, or stuffed animals, feel free to bring things that let the world know who you are and what you enjoy.
    • We are open to the idea that students who cannot obtain signed permission to participate, may want to contribute by sharing their stories anonymously. This is an option.
    • We would love for interested LGBTQ2+ Students and their families, and staff to sign up for a photo shoot appointment by calling or emailing Lisa Love at 206-252-0982 or