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    Below are the documents that were distributed during the first meeting of the 9-12 Adoption Committee.

    SPS School Board Policy 2015PDF icon
    The policy that governs the work of the Adoption Committee and outlines the process that will be followed as the committee begins the work.

    Roles and Responsibilities in the Instructional Materials Adoption ProcessPDF icon
    State legal requirements and guidelines established by OSPI's Superintendent of Public Instruction for the adoption process.

    SPS Racial Equity Analysis ToolPDF icon
    The REAT was completed to guarantee an equity lens for the Instructional Materials Adoption Process. It is posted publicly and guides the committee's work.

    Chapter 11, A Framework for K-12 Science EducationPDF icon
    An excerpt from the definitive framework on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), outlining the importance of equity and diversity in science and engineering education.

    NGSS Reference BookmarkPDF icon
    A small bookmark containing an overview of the three dimensions of science teaching and learning contained in the Next Generation Science Standards.

    Instructional Materials Review Criteria (Draft)PDF icon
    A draft of comprehensive criteria that may be employed by the committee as a tool to assess the viability of potential candidates (v11.20.18, pending approval by Adoption and IMC committees).

    Prescreen Review CriteriaPDF icon
    This document summarizes the main points from the Prescreen Tool to provide an overview of the non-negotiable factors in our adoption process.  It has been provided to potential vendors as part of the initial Request For Information (RFI) process.

    Timeline for the 9-12 Adoption ProcessPDF icon
    A document that provides an overview and important dates for the 9-12 adoption process.

    Science and 24 Credits: High School and Beyond at Seattle Public Schools
    An article detailing the plan developed by Seattle Public Schools to address the change in graduation requirements passed by the State of Washington, affecting students in the Class of 2021 and beyond.

    Science Alignment to Standards and Adoption of Instructional MaterialsPDF icon
    A timeline that details the history, from 2009 to 2019, of alignment to standards and the adoption of instructional materials in high school science.

    High School Science Course DescriptionsPDF icon
    Course descriptions for the six courses designed to address the changes in graduation requirements and alignment to the Next Generation Science Standards.

    Alignment of High School PEs to Scope and SequencePDF icon
    A document that aligns the high school Performance Expectations, as defined by the Next Generation Science Standards, to a scope and sequence structured into the new six semester courses.

    Field test sitesPDF icon
    Map showing location of 32 schools participating in field test of curriculum.