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    High School and Beyond Plan at Seattle Public Schools

    The State of Washington requires all students to create a High School and Beyond Plan. Seattle Public Schools expects students entering grade 8 to begin to develop a 5-year plan including 4 years of high school courses, resume or activity log, and post high school career and college goals. The plan should be updated over time as the student develops high school plans. School counselors, staff and parents help students develop their individual plans in the district approved tools. Learn more on the OSPI High School and Beyond Plan webpage.

    High School and Beyond Planning is a state requirement which helps students walk through the process of goal setting, future planning and self assessment. Students learn about their learning styles, career interests and they are asked to consider how the courses they select support their career goals. Additionally, students learn about college costs and selecting a college that meets the students needs.  Students are encouraged to change their goals and plans as they move towards graduation to include their new interests and knowledge. 

    Plan Components:

    • Identify a career goal
      • Interest and Skills Assessment
    • Identify education and career goals
      • Research career goal and what it takes to get there
      • Professional/technical program options, 2-year degree options, 4-year degree options, On-the-Job training, Apprenticeships, Military or other educational training
      • Determine the right fit of the post secondary program to reach career goal
        • Does the program offer the courses, cert or degree needed? Among other considerations.
    • Determine 4 year course plan that can be updated each year
      • Addresses graduation requirements and post secondary admissions requirements
      • Work-Based Learning, Job Shadows, Internships, Service Learning
    • Resume or Activity Log
    • For students who have not yet met high school graduation standards, identify available interventions, academic supports, and courses designed for students to meet standards

    As a part of our High School and Beyond Plan, our students use Naviance to explore colleges and career paths, analyze skills and talents and help them stay on track to reach academic goals. Naviance fosters post-high school planning communication and collaboration for students, counselors and families.


    Seattle Public Schools uses Naviance to support our Advisory and High School and Beyond Plan programs. If families choose not to use this tool, their students will be given an alternative activity to meet the high school and beyond plan graduation requirement. Learn more about Naviance.