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    2021 Advanced Placement Testing

    This year, Seattle Public Schools will be offering in-person testing for the AP World Languages and Literature and the AP Music Theory exams, and all AP exams will be administered during Administration Window 3 (June 1-4, 7-11) in 2021. Specifically,

    1. When available, all AP exams must be administered digitally and at home during Administration Window 3 (June 1–4, 7–11)
    2. For the exams that only have an in-person option regardless of the Administration Window, these will be administered in-person during Administration Window 3 (June 1–4, 7–11).
      1. These exams include both the paper-and-pencil only exams (AP French Language and Culture, AP Latin, AP Music Theory, AP Spanish Language and Culture, AP Spanish Literature and Culture) and the in-person-only computer-based exams (AP Chinese Language and Culture and AP Japanese Language and Culture).

    Please visit the College Board website to access the 2021 AP exam schedule for Administration Window 3.

    Please contact your high school AP Coordinator for any questions about AP testing and Administration Windows in 2021.

    For general inquiries about district-level support for AP testing, please contact Bhumi Dalia,

    Frequently Asked Questions

    General 2021 AP Testing FAQs

    Note: This section will be updated as more information is available.

    Where can I find more information about the AP exams and the AP exam schedule for 2021?

    The most current information about AP exams for 2021 is best accessed through the College Board website:

    Why is Seattle Public Schools only offering most exams in the digital and at home format in 2021?

    When available, all AP tests will be available in the digital format and at home for all registered students. This at-home testing option enables all students, regardless of their choice to attend school in-person, to take an AP test while allowing all high schools staff and students to follow the guidelines outlined in the 2021 In-Person Learning Plan.

    How will schools administer in-person exams in compliance with Covid-19 health and safety requirements?

    Each building AP Coordinator and administration team will work together to create a tailored plan for in-person testing that prioritizes the guidelines outlined in the 2021 In-Person Learning Plan in a way that meets the needs of each high school community’s needs.

    Which exams will be administered in person?

    The following exams only have an in-person testing option and will offered to all registered students:

    In person, paper-and-pencil format

    1. AP French Language and Culture
    2. AP Latin
    3. AP Spanish Language and Culture
    4. AP Spanish Literature and Culture
    5. AP Music Theory

    In-person, computer-based

    1. AP Chinese Language and Culture
    2. AP Japanese Language and Culture

    Do students get to decide their Administration Window?

    No. To ensure that all students and teachers have the most available time to prepare for the AP exams, all students will automatically test during Administration Window 3 (June 1-4, 7-11).

    What if I have a testing conflict during Administration Window 3?

    If a student has a documented conflict (e.g. coinciding test time during Administration Window 3), the building AP Coordinator will proactively approve any changes to the testing Administration Window and approve testing Administration Window changes on a case-by-case basis.

    With the disruption of teaching and learning during the pandemic, why is the College Board not shortening the exams?

    From the College Board: “In March 2020, colleges as well as high schools closed suddenly, and most were unprepared to complete their coursework through remote learning. Accordingly, the May 2020 exams covered a scope similar to the amount of content colleges covered before ending the semester early. However, this year, since most colleges are covering the full content in their courses, they expect the same of AP courses. The 2021 AP Exams must cover the full course content so that students are accurately placed into higher-level courses where they will succeed when they arrive at college. To students, the colleges they enter, and society at large, AP Exam scores must continue to accurately indicate whether millions of students have completed the college course material and should thus be exempted from learning it in college.”

    Please visit the FAQs section of College Board’s website for additional questions about AP exams this year.

    Can students access additional AP class support and exam review sessions through the College Board?

    Yes. Students can now access AP Daily Review Sessions. All sessions will be recorded and available on YouTube and AP Classroom for students through the College Board.

    Can I opt out of AP exam after having paid for the test(s)?

    Yes. All exam fees are fully refundable this year. We will share more information about requesting a refund after all AP exams have been administered.

    Preparing for Digital Testing FAQs

    Please visit the FAQs section of College Board’s website for specific questions about digital AP exams this year.

    Additionally, students will benefit from reviewing the step-by-step guidelines for the 2021 Digital AP Exams on the student-specific College Board website.

    Can I use my SPS-assigned laptop for digital testing at home?

    Yes. All students are encouraged to use their Seattle Public Schools-assigned laptop to ensure that the Department of Technology Services can provide remote technical assistance prior to, during, and after testing.

    Can I use my personal device for digital testing?

    Yes. However, this option may not allow students to access Seattle Public Schools’ technical support prior to, during, and after digital testing. Students may choose to use a personal computer (except for Chromebooks). Note that the computer cannot be shared with another student between the time a student completes exam setup for a particular exam and the time the student takes that exam.

    When will I have access to the digital testing app on my SPS-assigned computer?

    The testing app is now available for download in the Software Center of the district assigned device for all students and staff. Note that students must follow these specific steps and will not be able to access the AP digital testing app via the digital testing app download link provided by the College Board website.

    Directions for downloading the AP Digital Testing App:

    1. Access the “Software Center” App on your district-assigned device. Alternatively, navigate to the “Type here to search” section of your district-assigned laptop home screen at the bottom left corner.
    2. Search for “Digital AP Exams”
    3. Click “Install”

    Note that students must follow these specific steps and will not be able to access the AP digital testing app via the digital testing app download link provided by the College Board website.

    Note: Smartphones and iPads are not permitted for AP testing in 2021.

    Can I see a preview of the digital testing app?

    Yes. A short video overview of the digital testing app is available through the College Board website.

    Will accommodations be supported via digital exams?

    Yes. Please work with your high school AP Coordinator to ensure your accommodations are approved for digital testing this year. More information about how the College Board will provide accommodations during digital testing.

    Can I practice taking a sample digital exam prior to testing?

    Yes. Once the digital testing app has been successfully installed on the computer, students can practice each digital exam. For detailed instructions on how to begin practicing for AP digital exams this year, please visit College Board’s Digital Practice web page.