2021 Math K-5

Community Curriculum Review

Seattle Public Schools has received seven responses to our Request for Proposals from publishers.

When selecting new curriculum materials, staff and community input is vital to the decision-making process. All members of the Seattle community are welcome to review these materials and provide their thoughts and feelings through a survey form.

The first round of proposals will be narrowed to two or three candidates. These candidates will be field-tested in a few classrooms across the district.

Because of COVID-19 safety protocols, these materials are not available to review in person. Hopefully, by the time the finalists are selected, we will view materials in person.

Samples of each of these instructional materials are available below. Each publisher will have a unique set of log-in instructions, usernames, and passwords.

Feedback Form

Curriculum Materials

To fully and uniquely address SPS’ need for a core elementary mathematics curriculum, Curriculum Associates proposes i-Ready Classroom Mathematics. Our blended-learning solution will provide SPS with effective core mathematics instruction, assessment, differentiation, and personalized learning resources in an integrated, easy-to-implement package that facilitates equitable math instruction in diverse classrooms.

Curriculum Associates.

i-Ready Overview

Publisher’s site: https://www.curriculumassociates.com/products/i-ready/i-ready-mathematics

Student Text access.

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New K-5 enVision® Mathematics © 2020 is the only math program that combines problem-based learning and visual learning to deepen students’ conceptual understanding. enVision is used by classrooms across the country and around the world. Now enVision is even better with over 200 new lessons, a newly redesigned Teacher’s Edition, and new instructional strategies like 3-Act Math modeling tasks. This is our best enVision ever.

Savvas Learning Company.

enVision Ovierview

A brief video message and tour of enVision Math: https://learning.savvas.com/Seattle

Realize – Teachers. 

Teacher Materials

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Realize – Students

Student Materials

There are many other student accounts for other grade levels. View other usernames here

McGraw Hill – Reveal Math is a brand new, research-based program that has the following core tenets driving its structure and development: Focus, Coherence, and Rigor. The curricula focuses on the major work of each grade level while making explicit connections within and between grades. We implement a balanced approach, focused on building conceptual understanding as to to the foundation to procedural fluency together with increased opportunities for students to apply the math they’ve learned to new, unfamiliar problems scenarios.

McGraw Hill

Reveal Math Overview-

View K-5 Math brochure – Link View lesson model brochure Link

Curriclum Materials 

Visit https://my.mheducation.com

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Student Platform

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Pending review.

In Eureka Math2 all students, regardless of background or previous experience, grapple with the full scope and rigor of the standards. Problems and exercises are intentionally sequenced from simple to complex, creating a natural progression of rigor so that students start with easy-to-grasp concepts and steadily evolve toward more complex items at a higher Depth of Knowledge level. This logical sequence gradually reduces support and builds in complexity, allowing teachers to identify students’ last point of understanding and to differentiate assignments for either individual or small group work. For all students, the gradual reduction of supports builds independent thinking and encourages productive struggle.

Great Minds PBC

Eureka Math Overview-

Introduction to Eureka Math – https://gm.greatminds.org/em2-seattle

Teacher Digital Center. 

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Student Digital Center

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Bridges in Mathematics is a comprehensive PK–5 curriculum that equips teachers to fully address state standards in a rigorous, engaging, and accessible manner. Students gain a deep understanding of concepts, proficiency with key skills, and the ability to solve complex problems. The curriculum is composed of three distinct but integrated components: Problems & Investigations, Work Places, and Number Corner

-The Math Learning Center

Bridges Overview

Introduction to Bridges in Mathematics: Summary and Bridges Adoption Review Information Page

Curriclum Materials  

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Rooted in research, Illustrative Mathematics (IM) core programs are developed by educators, subject area experts, and instructional thought leaders dedicated to teacher and student success. Students learn by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise mathematical language. Teachers benefit from embedded guidance, differentiation supports, and exceptional professional learning opportunities, which help them evolve instructional practice and better facilitate student learning.

David Alderslade, LearnZillion

LearnZillion – Illustrative mathematics Overview-

Learn more about LearnZillion Illustrative Math – Link
View video for details about the new K-5 curriculum

Sample Lessons. 

How to login.

  1. Go to: seattlepublicreview.learnzillion.com
  2. Select Teacher Login
  3. Username: Seattlepublic@example.com
  4. Password: publicaccess
  5. View ‘lesson plan’, ‘Additional materials’ and ‘About this lesson‘ or view as pdf.

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LearnZillion Illustrative Math K-5 has not been evaluated yet. However, the 6-8 program has. Link for reference

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Big Ideas Math®: Modeling Real Life. Written by renowned authors Dr. Ron Larson and Dr. Laurie Boswell, this series uses an exploratory approach to engage students’ inquiring minds through rich explorations and in-class problem-solving -. With one voice from Grade K through Grade 8, students make connections through cohesive progressions and consistent, dependable instruction. – Big Ideas Math

Big Ideas – Overview –

Introduction to Modeling in Real Life: Link to Brochure