Curriculum Adoption

2021 Math K-5

Based on field test results, family and educator feedback, and a comprehensive review of the materials, the adoption committee determined that enVision was the best program for Seattle’s students and teachers.

Math Adoption for Grades K-5 in 2021-22

To help us achieve the goals of Seattle Excellence, Seattle Public Schools is initiating an adoption process for instructional materials to support math instruction in grades K through 5. The planned implementation of the new instructional materials will occur in the 2022-23 school year.

The instructional materials adoption process will follow the Seattle Public Schools Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials, Policy No. 2015.

Adoption Committee Recommendation

The K-5 Math Adoption Committee has reached the decision to recommend enVision® Mathematics Common Core ©2020 as Seattle’s new math instructional material for grades K-5. enVision is also the 6-8 math curriculum. The recommendation was the result of many months spent reviewing instructional materials from multiple publishers and a three-week field test with 18 teachers and over 350 students.

The recommendation will now be formalized into a proposal and be presented to the Seattle School Board.

Curriculum Field Test

On March 18th Seattle Public Schools has concluded the field test of three finalists for our new K-5 Math instructional materials. The testimony of teachers and students from our pilot classrooms has been shared with the K-5 Materials Adoption Committee.

Math Adoption Committee

The 2021-22 K-5 Math Instructional Materials Adoption Committee plays a crucial role in reviewing and selecting the best instructional materials for our SPS community.

Vision: The 2021-22 K-5 Math Instructional Materials Adoption Committee will represent the diverse voices of the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) community and select a high-quality, standards-aligned, culturally relevant, rigorous instructional material that embodies the SPS 2019-2024 Strategic Plan, Seattle Excellence. In particular, educators, families, and communities who represent students of color furthest from educational justice will have a meaningful voice on the K-5 Math Adoption Committee.

Purpose: The K-5 Math Instructional Materials Adoption Committee will study all instructional materials presented to them as options through the processes outlined in Superintendent Procedure 2015SP.B and determine a final selection which should be, in the opinion of the adoption committee, the instructional materials best aligned to the focus and goals of Seattle Excellence; i.e. providing high-quality instruction and learning experiences that accelerate growth for Students of Color furthest from educational justice.


  • Develop the selection criteria to be approved by the Instructional Materials Committee which are anchored in Seattle Excellence and Policy 0030
  • Review submitted materials for potential bias
  • Evaluate submitted materials using the approved selection criteria
  • Review staff and community feedback with a particular focus on feedback from staff, families, and communities who represent Students of Color furthest from educational justice
  • Narrow selection of materials to be field-tested
  • Review results of the field test with a particular focus on the experience of Students of Color furthest from educational justice
  • Submit final selection to the Instructional Materials Committee for approval and recommendation to the Superintendent and School Board
  • Recommend the professional development training for educators and school staff to support the successful implementation of the newly adopted K-5 math instructional materials to ensure high-quality instruction and learning experiences that accelerate growth for Students of Color furthest from educational justice
  • Engage district staff, educators, principals, and the community to ensure that the review and selection process includes input and feedback from the voices of our community, especially those furthest from educational justice

K-5 Math Instructional Materials Adoption Committee Membership and Selection

The committee will be made up of approximately 20 members who provide either subject matter expertise or perspectives of family members with current and/or past students in K-5. The committee will include:

  • K-5 educators, staff, and school leaders from different regions of Seattle
  • Parents, guardians, or other family members of current or former K-5 students who are furthest from educational justice representing a wide range of schools and programs in SPS
  • Current members of the community-at-large with relevant expertise or experience, and/or representatives of higher education with expertise in math or equitable math instruction

Members will be selected and appointed in accordance with School Board Policy 4110: Family and Community Advisory and Oversight Committees, and Procedure 4110SP. The district shall provide public notice to individuals and organizations that may reasonably be interested in serving on the adoption committee.

Expected Schedule and Timeline

The committee will meet several times between September 2021 and March 2022.

Tentative Meeting Dates

Initial review and selection

Final review and selection

  • Additional dates/times will be agreed upon by the Adoption Committee as needed.

Committee members will prepare for meetings by reviewing provided materials in advance of scheduled meetings and attend and participate in scheduled meetings. Missing two consecutive meetings will result in an automatic opt-out of committee participation.

The final recommendation will remain under embargo until approved by the Instructional Materials Committee (approved April 1), entered into a Board Action Report, approved by Superintendent Jones. This Board Action Report will be presented to the Student Services, Curriculum & Instruction Committee on April 26th and the full school board on May 4th.