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Oversight Committee

Invitation to Apply for Membership

Seattle Public Schools Capital Projects and Planning Department is seeking qualified individuals to apply for an opening on the Building Excellence (BEX) and Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) Capital Programs Oversight Committee.

Updated: Applications are due by Friday, December 9, 2022

This committee supports the School Board and the district’s strategic plan “Seattle Excellence,” which centers students of color who are furthest away from educational justice. In order to advance that work, community members and groups who have not historically been included or represented in district decision-making processes – including women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ people – are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities and Scope of Work

The BEX/BTA Capital Program Oversight Committee:

  • oversees the planning and implementation of the capital levies and makes recommendations concerning progress of the BEX and BTA capital programs
  • oversees the planning, prioritization and implementation of current and future BEX and BTA programs and make recommendations as to the identity, scope and priority of projects to be included in future BEX and BTA capital levies.
  • receives periodic briefings by SPS capital projects staff and is asked to monitor and comment upon the implementation of all approved projects and make recommendations for compliance with goals, priorities, scope, budget, schedule, revenue and other significant factors

A separate committee oversees the implementation of the identified technology projects included in either capital levy.

Meeting schedule: Monthly meetings are held on the second Friday of the month, 8:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., or more often as required. Meetings are in-person at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence.

A quorum shall be at least 50% of the active membership of the committee, but not less than six members.

Manner and timing of the expected work product: Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, regular comments and recommendations to staff regarding all facets of the BEX and BTA capital programs, with the submission of semi-annual reports to the School Board.

Term of the committee: The current openings are to fill expiring seats with four-year terms. Terms are staggered so half of the membership seats are opened for recruiting every two years.

Number and qualifications of committee members: Familiarity with capital programs components, such as planning, budgeting, cost estimating and controls, organization and management of public agency capital programs, and public and media relations skills are desirable. Committee members should represent one or more of the following areas: architects, construction managers, attorneys, contractors and subcontractors, parents, and others as appropriate. Two School Board Directors are members of the committee, but no other district employees. The two School Board Directors are in addition to the 11 committee members.

Ethics: Members shall not have any direct or indirect financial interest (except a “remote interest” as defined by RCW 42.23.040), in any contract, purchase of materials, or activity financed from school district funds. Members shall not participate in any action involving a matter in which the individual has a remote interest as defined by state law, nor shall any member seek to influence any other member of the committee or district staff with respect to any such matter. All direct and indirect financial interests, including remote interests, shall be disclosed in writing to the district promptly upon the member’s discovery of the interest.

Selection process: Applications will be reviewed by the committee chair, two Board liaisons, and lead staff. Final selection will give consideration to those community members and groups who have not historically been included or represented in district decision-making processes, as well as representation by individuals of differing gender, ethnicity, race, age, geography and stakeholder interest groups.

For more information and to apply for membership, please visit the BEX and BTA Capital Program Oversight Committee.  

Updated: Applications are due by Friday, December 9, 2022.  Applicants will be notified of selections on or before Friday, December 16, 2022, by email, if possible, or by phone.

Thank you for your consideration and support of Seattle Public Schools.