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Full Day Kindergarten for school year 2013-14

Kindergarten Fees

This is not the Kindergarten enrollment page. Enrollment info can be found at  This page only deals with kindergarten fees. 

The fees for the school year has been reduced by a School Board decision on Nov 20, 2013 from $3,110.00 to $2,830 per year, or ten $283.00 monthly installments.  

However, a number of schools are fully funded by the State and require no kindergarten fees. During the current school year, 16 additional schools become fully-funded, for a total of 43 such schools that provide fully-funded, fee-exempt kindergarten classes ***  

See list at bottom of page for which schools require kindergarten fees, and which schools do not.

(All of the above retroactive to the beginning of the school year)

(Fees info for school year 2014-15 is not currently available, except that a new school, Fairmount Park, will have no kindergarten fees)

Seattle Public Schools offers full-day kindergarten, which provides young learners the time they need to engage in learning and build the social and academic skills they need to support learning throughout their education. Research shows that children participating in developmentally appropriate, full-day kindergarten make greater gains both socially and academically. 

However, Washington state does not provide enough funding to pay for full day kindergarten for all of our kindergarteners.  As a result, only some of the schools are fully-funded and therefore do not charge a fee, while the other schools are fee-based (see list below). In other words, to make full day kindergarten available at all Seattle Schools, the district must recover the costs for the non-funded portion of the kindergarten day by charging families a fee at the fee-based schools.  The rate for school year as described above is $2,830.00 per year, or ten $283.00 monthly installments.  

On July 25, 2013, Accounting Services mailed out a financial packet with agreements and forms to every kindergarten student’s household, enrolled in fee-paying schools(see list of schools below). If your student comes in later in the school year, please contact District Accounting (contact info listed below) for a copy of the agreement and forms to be completed and returned to SPS Accounting Services promptly. Do 'Not' send in a SY 2013-2014 full day kindergarten program participation fee payment without your signed agreement and forms.

General Payment Information

The fee for full day kindergarten for the current 2013-14 school year is $2,830.00 (see above description for retroactive change in Nov, 2013) This can be paid in 10 monthly installments of $283.00 a month. Monthly payments are due by the 1st of each month from Sept. 1, 2013 through June 1, 2014. Families can also pay the entire amount of in advance. (Please note limited waivers, listed below) 

Seattle Public Schools now offers convenient automatic monthly payments direct from your bank account on the 5th of each school month. We are asking all families to sign up for this program, using the Authorization for Direct Payments form (ACH direct bank withdrawal).

If any monthly fees due is not processed by ACH, due to late mid-month enrollment, or for whatever reason, please send in the unpaid monthly fees by check to the regular payment address: Seattle Public Schools, Attn: Full Day Kindergarten, MS 33-343, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124-1165, indicating student name, student ID number and school name on the check, plus (2)An aforementioned, signed Authorization for Direct Payments form for future ACH withdrawal, if not already sent.

For any payment question, please call District Accounting at 206-252-0275 or email 

Automatic bank withdrawal (ACH) is most convenient and cost effective for both parents and district and is the preferred payment method. However, if it is not possible, payment can be done by checks, as described above, credit card(via  Credit card payment involves a processing fee.

Parents/Guardians are responsible for payment monthly by the first of each month, if not fully paid.  Parents/Guardians will not be invoiced monthly.  However, a quarterly statement will be sent to their mailing address.  Accounts that are 90 days overdue will be sent to Collection, whereupon collection fees(20%) and interest will be assessed.

The Kindergarten fee is only waived for:

  • All students at certain schools that are fully funded by the State, as aforementioned. (See below for a list of such fully funded schools that offer free full day kindergarten).
  • Students that have applied and approved by Nutrition Services forFree/Reduced priced meals (FRPM). The waiver is only effective for the months that the FRPM application is on eligibility approved status, and is not applied retroactively before the date of approval. Therefore, it is very important to apply for FRPM as soon as possible. For confidentiality reason, applicants must also sign and return a consent to share eligibility status (front page of FRPM application) and check off the box for Full-day kindergarten program in order for District Accounting to have access to verify eligibility for this waiver. Therefore, please be sure not to miss front page of the FRPM application form. (However, do not submit the FRPM application until August 2013.  The new application form for SY2013-14 is not updated until early August 2013, and will be mailed to all enrolled K student households then.  Do not submit the wrong year application form).  Click link here for info and the FRPM application form
  • Students who are approved for Free/Reduced priced meals by being "directly-certified" through DSHS.   A free and reduced meal application(with the front-page consent form included) is still necessary to get the kindergarten fee waiver. See link provided above.
  • Students that are homeless.
  • Special education students whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) minutes (excluding transportation) are greater than a half day on average. (Conversely, if for a month, a student's daily IEP plan minutes are on average equal to or less than 1/2 day, that month's fees are not waived)
  • Students who are required by the district to repeat the kindergarten year.
  • Active military personnel assigned to government housing in Seattle.

Unfortunately, the district cannot offer scholarships, and no fee discount or waiver is provided unless a student meets the above specific requirements.  No fee discount or waiver is allowed for Special education students whose IEP minutes are less than half day, Bilingual Education students, twins and multiples, Language immersion and Montessori kindergarten students.

Any K fees paid is not considered child care expenses or charitable contributions. Please consult your own tax advisor.

For a list of frequently asked questions about full day kindergarten, click here.  If you have any questions, please contact Accounting Department(preferably email, or call 206-252-0275.)

Half-Day Kindergarten/Language Immersion

  • Students can opt to enroll for half-day program participation, which is free of charge. Most schools can accommodate kindergarten students who choose to attend for half of the program day. Please talk with the principal if you are interested in half-day participation only. Please also notify, after approval, in writing, SPS District Accounting Department at:  PO Box 34165, MS 33-343, Seattle, WA 98124-1165 or email
  • Students participating in a language immersion program must attend full day kindergarten, and accept the full day kindergarten program fees. 
    • There is a linked school or non-language immersion class at each school offering language immersion. Students assigned to John Stanford International or McDonald International may access free half-day kindergarten at B.F. Day. Students assigned to Concord International or Beacon Hill International may access free half-day kindergarten in the non-language immersion classroom.   

Schools & Fees

27 Fully State-Funded NO FEES 16 additional Fully-Funded schools NO FEES 25 Schools that Charge Full Day Kindergarten Program FEES
Beacon Hill Int'l ALKI Adams
Martin Luther King Jr. ARBOR HEIGHTS Daniel Bagley
Broadview Thomson K-8 BF DAY Bryant
Thurgood Marshall GATEWOOD Catherine Blaine K-8
Concord Int'l GREENWOOD Frantz Coe
Dunlap JANE ADDAMS K-8 Green Lake
Graham Hill K-5 STEM @ BOREN John Hay
Emerson LOWELL Lafayette
Bailey Gatzert OLYMPIC VIEW Laurelhurst
Hawthorne ORCA K-8 Lawton
Highland Park PATHFINDER K-8 Loyal Heights
West Seattle JOHN ROGERS McDonald Int'l
Leschi SAND POINT McGilvra
Madrona K-8 STEVENS Montlake
Dearborn Park TOPS K-8 North Beach
Maple VIEWLANDS Queen Anne
John Muir   Sacajawea
Northgate   Salmon Bay K-8
Olympic Hills   Schmitz Park
Rainier View   John Stanfrod Int'l
Roxhill   Thornton Creek
Sanislo   View Rdige
Van Asselt   Wedgwood
Wing Luke   West Woodland
Kimball   Whittier
South Shore K-8    
Pinehurst K-8    

*** 16 Additional fully-funded schools are added for a total of 43 fully funded, fee-exempted schools

As described above, there are some schools that are fully funded for full day kindergarten by the State.  K Students attending these schools are exempted from the aforementioned fees.  At the beginning of the 2013-14 school year, there were 27 such schools.  However, starting November 1, 2013, due to additional state funding, 16 more schools are added to the "fee-free school" list, retroactive to the beginning of the school year, for a total of 43 fully-funded fee-exempted schools.  (See list below). As a result, District Accounting discontinued withdrawing any K fees from families in these 16 schools schools that have elected automatic electronic bank withdrawal, effective immediately.  We refunded monies paid in by the families of students in these 16 schools.

Reduction of full day K-fees for all other schools

Based on a School Board decision on Nov 20, 2013, tuition for the schools that charge a full day K-fee, was reduced from $3,110 per year(or $311 per month) to $2,830 per year(or $283.00 per month), or a reduction of $28.00 per month retroactive to the beginning of the school year. The proper refunds or credits have all been made to families.

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