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    Demography is the scientific study of population that focuses on four basic topics: size of the population, its distribution across geographic areas, its composition, and the determinants and consequences of population growth.

    The Seattle Public Schools demographer's responsibilities are to:

    • Plan, organize, and coordinate analysis of demographic data in the Enrollment Planning department;
    • Collect and statistically analyze data about human populations including births, economic situation, employment, and population migration;
    • Assist with the development of enrollment projections and long-range demographic/enrollment forecasts by identifying population changes that are likely to impact the capacity of schools;
    • Research and analyze technical information;
    • Develop materials and reports for decision-makers;
    • Make internal and external presentations; and
    • Coordinate with other departments in the district and organizations outside of the district on issues related to enrollment planning.

    Areas of Research

    The demographic trends in Seattle suggest that there will be continuous flows of migration into the city by a diverse group of individuals and families. Seattle is considered to be one of the fastest growing big cities in the United States. Young professionals, families (native-born and immigrant), return migrants (people returning home after school or career), and people moving to take advantage of the employment opportunities available here are making Seattle their permanent home. This influx of people has important implications for  the labor and housing markets, and the Seattle Public School district.

    Reports uploaded to this page will cover these key areas of research:

    • English Language Learners (ELL) and Immigration
    • Neighborhoods and Housing 
    • Fragile Families, Inequality, and the Achievement Gap

    Research Reports, Working Papers, Presentations, and Infographics