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    Chronicling the history of the Seattle Public Schools:

    The mission of the archives is to provide a repository of primary resources about Seattle schooling, schools and student voices.  Because the district is governed in part by local politics, the record of their discussions and activities is engaging history.  The school district serves researchers (current students and the public) in the development of educational and community history and practices.

    Our collection consists of published printed materials, manuscripts and ephemera along with administrative records or files, photos, and artifacts such as scrapbooks, trophies, art, banners. A short 4 min. video of the collection is hereYou can look at WAYBACK to see earlier versions of our website materials and social media links.

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    The district has published several school histories over the years, and has preserved architectural drawings and other materials for its land-marked buildings. Information about school buildings, school names or school landmark status is found at Architecture and Buildings

    Julia E. Kennedy School Boards & Superintendents

    School Board (1882 - present) minutes, indexes, correspondence, email, public hearings and administrative documents.

    Finding aids for paper:

    School Board Working Files
    School Board Correspondence
    School Board Meeting Materials
    Superintendent's Administrative Working Files
    Superintendent's Correspondence

    Photo of Superintendent

    Curriculum and Instruction:

    Interested in what the schools taught over the years? We have guidance on curriculum, textbook selection, committee reports and other administrative records from the 1940s on.   The archives  includes a small collection of historical school textbooks, including those published by the Seattle Public school district.

    For more information on Establishing a School Archives

    Further Collection Description

    Photos and Yearbooks:

    The district has an extensive photo collection dating from the 1890's - to the present including class photos, athletic, club photos, building and grounds, music programs, special events, and school field trips. A few of the photos have been digitized and can be found on our flicker site Seattle Schools' Digital Photos.

    An index of photos by school name or topic follows:

    A - D  Adams - Duamish Bend
    E - K  Eckstein - King/Harrison
    L - Q  Lafayette - Queen Anne
    R - Z  Rainier Beach - Youngstown

    Yearbook Photo

    Current High Schools Yearbooks

    Student life is documented in the archives through school yearbooks, newspapers, journals, scrapbooks, audio tapes, art and artifacts.

    We have a complete collection of Broadway, Lincoln and Queen Anne High School yearbooks.

    Former students can use the yearbooks  to help establish identity, and genealogical researchers use them as well.

    We have missing years - if you'd like to fill in the gap - donate.

    Garfield Arrow and Hale Heritage are complete.

    ​Ballard Shingle 2003, 2004, 2009
    Chief Sealth Cache 1980, 1986, 1999, 2010
    Cleveland Aquila 1980, 1984, 1988, 2004, 2008
    Franklin Tolo 1972, 1991, 2000
    Ingraham Glacier 1970, 2010, 2012
    Rainier Beach Valhalla 1995, 2011, 2014, 2015
    Roosevelt Strenuous Life 2003, 2010
    West Seattle Kimtah 1999, 2000, 2002

    Current Initiatives

    The Archives is working on it's collection of long term environmental building related materials.  There is a major initiative to get more digital information on-line, particularly reports and videos which are being converted to preserve their content.  We have been working with MiPOPs to preserve our moving images and school board meetings for future generations. 


    Photocopies: $0.15 per page
    ​Scanning: $5.00 per image - if all ready scanned free
    Research Services provided for patrons: $30.00 per hour, pre-paid
    ​​Audio copies (includes tape): $5.00
    ​Artifact Loan Preparation: $30.00

    Explanation of Charges:

    Research Fees:

    The Archives charges a fee for research services prorated on salary benefit and overhead costs with a half-hour minimum. (WAC 434-690-080, Section 4). Research services are defined as the collection, assembly or extraction of data or information from existing records, or the analysis of information to provide a report. The standard fee for research services is $30.00 per hour. Research services may be limited to one hour, depending on the staffing level and current workload of the Archives. In such cases, patrons will be referred to an independent researcher for assistance.

    Paper and Magnetic Media Copies:

    Archives may impose a reasonable charge for providing copies of public records, regardless of media, and for the use by any person of division equipment to copy public records. Charges shall not exceed the amount necessary to reimburse the Division for its actual costs incident to such copying. (WAC 434-690-080, Section 3)


    If you have memorabilia that you would like to donate use this form to Donate memorabilia to the archives. Our address is:

    Seattle Public Schools Archive,
    2445 3rd Ave South,
    P.O. Box 34165,
    Seattle WA 98124-1165
    We are looking for volunteers to help us make our collection more accessible.

    Contact Us

    Aaren Purcell

    2445 3rd Ave South
    Seattle, WA 98124

    Research Hours 

    9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Thursdays and Fridays

    email archives for appointment

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