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    African American Male Advisory Committee 

    Please join us for the June 15th Community Forum!

    Seattle Public Schools is hosting a Community Forum on June 15, 2017 from 5:00 - 7:00p.m. at Nova High School.  Nova is located at 2410 East Cherry Street.  The forum will convene on behalf of the African American Male Advisory Committee in order to solicit feedback on the each committee's draft recommendations to the superintendent.  Seattle Public Schools believes the best solutions are co-developed via the input of community engagement.  The public is invited to review the draft recommendations from each committee in order to assure the final recommendations are consistent with the broader community's insight, needs, and concerns.  All members of the community are welcome to attend.

    View the June 15th flyer

    Who We Are

    The Superintendent's African American Male Advisory Committee (AAMAC) is a group of appointed community leaders, professionals and District employees, all dedicated to improving the quality of life and education for all African American males within Seattle Public Schools. Transitioning from the preceding African American Male Think Tank in early spring of 2016, the AAMAC rose out of the operationalized six Recommendations presented to the Superintendent for consideration. To date, Seattle Public Schools has operationalized five of the six Recommendations. 

    Click here to view the Six Recommendations of the African American Male Think Tank


    AAMAC was formed to provide guidance on how to best transform our educational system so that we are ensuring educational excellence for all students, particularly our African American males. Our work will focus on advancing the “Four Ps”:

    1. Positive Beliefs: Shift the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors of adults to recognize and cultivate the gifts and strengths of every student.

    2. Positive Relationships: Nurture students’ sense of belonging and validate their identities.

    3. Positive Learning:
    Provide responsive and culturally relevant instruction that engages students in their learning.

    4. Positive Partnerships
    : Support reciprocal partnerships that ensure students are known, challenged and supported.

    The AAMAC is also charged with assisting Seattle Public Schools in fulfilling it's mission of Eliminating Opportunity Gaps for each and every student, ensuring that they reach their optimal potential and are Seattle Ready 

    Click here to read more about Seattle Public Schools Eliminating Opportunity Gaps initiative

    Click here to read more about the "Seattle Ready" mission


    The African American Male Advisory Committee meets every other month to discuss the vision progress of their work, in addition to meeting in smaller subcommittees, each charged with a specific task to accomplish. The subcommittees include:
    • SPS Policy & Practice Recommendation Committee
    • College & Career Readiness Committee
    • Partnerships Committee
    • Family Engagement Committee
    • Community Engagement Committee
    • Attendance Campaign Committee
    This page will serve as an informational cornerstone, where the public will have access to AAMAC meeting agendas and notes to be updated monthly. 

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