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(back: Stephan Blanford, Sherry Carr, Sue Peters, Marty McLaren, Harium Martin-Morris, front: Sharon Peaslee, Betty Patu)

The Board of Directors for Seattle Public Schools is an elected body of seven citizens representing geographical regions, known as Districts, within the City of Seattle. The length of each member's term is four years. Directors are elected by district in the primary elections and at-large (city-wide) in the general elections of odd-numbered years.

It is the belief of the Board of Directors and Superintendent that they are partners in the governance team of Seattle Public Schools. Both must do their jobs well for the organization to be successful and for the governance team as a whole to be effective.

The Board officers for 2015 are:
Director Carr - President
Director Peaslee - Vice President
Director McLaren - Member-at-Large

Board Meeting Agenda(s) - click on the date to view agenda 

  • August 25, 2015 - Board Special Meeting: Executive Session - Litigation
  • August 26, 2015 - Board Special Meeting: Work Sessions: Introduction to 2015-16 Governance Priorities/Superintendent SMART Goals, Boards of Distinction Application, Communications Protocol & Bell Times

Work of the Board

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors include: hiring and evaluating the Superintendent; establishing policies for governing the school district; adopting a balanced budget each year; having legal and fiduciary authority for the school district; adopting instructional materials; and, serving as community representatives to the district and on behalf of the district.

Office of Internal Audit and Ethics

Under the direction of the Audit & Finance Committee, the Office of Internal Audit and Ethics conducts audits to support and promote integrity, accountability, and transparency with respect to internal financial controls and compliance of the District.  The office also oversees the District's Ethics/Whistleblower Program.

The Office of Internal Audit was created in 2011, and reports directly to the Audit & Finance Committee. This reporting structure was established to ensure that the Office of Internal Audit remains independent of District Management. Independence is essential to ensure that audit results are objective, and are communicated directly to the School Board. The Office of Internal Audit provides recommendations only, and does not have any authority to implement operational policies or procedures on behalf of the District. Upon completion of an audit, the results are communicated to the Audit & Finance Committee, which ensures full transparency of the internal audit function.  In 2014, the Office expanded to become the Office of Internal Audit and Ethics.

Policy Review

One of the ongoing responsibilities of the Board of Directors is to establish policies that guide the operation of the School District. Learn more about the current policy work underway.

Current Initiatives

  • Budget Development – Implement a comprehensive budget development process that reflects the strategic plan priorities and includes both internal and external engagement
  • Audit Response – Develop and implement a response plan to address the SAO audits, using a project management team structure with Board Directors and CFOO as sponsors; Implement quarterly governance work sessions to provide management oversight of the district’s business systems
  • Policy Review—Develop governance policies and a governance structure to allow appropriate management oversight; ensure finance policies meet best practice standards

Board of Directors and Their District Maps

Map of the seven Director districts
District Directors District Map
District I, Sharon Peaslee (Vice President) District I Map
District II, Sherry Carr (President) District II Map
District III, Harium Martin-Morris District III Map
District IV, Sue Peters District IV Map
District V, Stephan Blanford District V Map
District VI, Marty McLaren (Member-at-Large) District VI Map
District VII, Betty Patu  District VII Map

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