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    Open Enrollment Fast Facts

    How are students assigned?

    Each student in Seattle Public Schools is initially assigned to a designated attendance area school based on where that student lives.

    Students may apply to attend a different school or program through School Choice. Students may apply for another attendance area school, including some K-8 schools, or:

    • Option schools
    • Alternative learning experience (ALE) schools
    • Programs such as Montessori, Spectrum, and Highly Capable

    Section 2 of the Annual Enrollment Report contains detailed historical choice data for each school.

    What is Open Enrollment?

    Open Enrollment is the annual period where students may first apply to attend a different school or program next year. The 2018-19 School Choice period continues until May 31, 2018.

    On-time school choice applications are those received during Open Enrollment (by Feb. 16, 2018) and will be processed with applicable tiebreakers.

    Late school choice applications will be accepted until May 31, 2018. Late school choice applications do not receive tiebreakers.

    The results of Open Enrollment for the 2018-19 school year will be available online through the Assignment Lookup Tool starting April 17, 2018. Each student who receives a new assignment through Open Enrollment will also be mailed a result letter. Wait list moves will continue through August 31, 2018.

    What are the tiebreakers?

    If more students apply for a school or program during Open Enrollment that can be assigned, tiebreakers determine assignment and waitlist status.

    The standard tiebreakers for attendance area schools are:

    1. Sibling
    2. Lottery

    The standard tiebreakers for option schools are:

    1. Sibling
    2. Geographic Zone
    3. Lottery

    Additional program tiebreakers are listed in the Student Assignment Plan.

    You can view current school boundary maps (including Geographic Zones) on our School Directory webpage.


    Admissions: 206-252-0760

    Advanced Learning: 206-252-0130

    English Language Learners: 206-252-0072

    Special Education: 206-252-0058

    Transportation: 206-252-0900


    2016-17 Numbers

    As of 3/30/16
    Total applications ... 5,617
    On-time applications ... 5,177
    Choice assignments ... 1,643
    Waitlisted students ... 3,974
    Percent assigned ... 29.3

    Top First Choices for

    Elementary Schools
    Cascadia ... 294
    Fairmount Park ... 182
    Thornton Creek ... 175

    K-8 Schools
    Hazel Wolf ... 482
    Salmon Bay ... 252
    Pathfinder ... 206

    Middle Schools
    Hamilton Intl ... 271
    Madison ... 132
    Mercer Intl ... 109

    High Schools
    Cleveland STEM ... 266
    Ingraham ... 199
    Garfield ... 116

    2015-16 Numbers

    As of 4/8/15
    Total applications ... 6,550
    On-time applications ... 6,068
    Choice assignments ... 2,158
    Waitlisted students ... 4,392
    Percent assigned ... 32.9

    2014-15 Numbers

    As of 4/3/14
    Total applications ... 6,265
    On-time applications ... 5,933
    Choice assignments ... 2,954
    Waitlisted students ... 3,311
    Percent assigned ... 47.2