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    Before you apply

    Before you begin applying, make sure you have the following items ready:

    1. Emergency contact name and phone number.
    2. Two references, including one personal or family reference.
    3. Government issued ID (upload a digital copy or present it to school office staff).
    4. Proof of completing the Adult Sexual Misconduct (ASM) Prevention training (certificate or email confirmation).

    Please complete the online application as thoroughly as you can so we can approve your participation in your desired volunteer roles quickly, keep you updated about new volunteer opportunities, and serve our students as best as we can.

    New(ish) to Washington State?

    If you have not lived in Washington State for the past three years you will need to also complete the national background check (see link for more information). You can expedite your volunteer approval process by ordering your background check now - it usually takes 1-2 business days before the background check report is available.

    Click here to access the 2018/19 SPS Volunteer Application, Field Trip Chaperone and Volunteer Driver Forms. 

    Please visit our VolunteerLocal page to access all applications. 

    Field trip chaperones and volunteer drivers

    If you are applying to volunteer as a field trip chaperone or a driver, you will need to provide additional information on separate forms. They are also available online. 

    Application length

    As you complete your application, please keep in mind SPS serves 53,000 vulnerable children and youth - we are committed to carefully screening volunteer candidates to ensure student safety as required by law, SPS policies, and the Washington Schools Risk Insurance Pool. The new application contains:

    • 13 required questions (they are the same as last year).
    • Five questions related to criminal records in addition to your background check consent.
    • Four sections describing laws and policies SPS volunteers must be able to uphold.
    • 12 optional questions that will help us create more culturally relevant volunteer services for our students and provide you with better customer service.

    Submit your complete application at least 2 weeks before expected volunteer service start date. Your background must be cleared and application approved before this date.

    I do not have access to the Internet, how can I apply to volunteer?

    Families without Internet access at home can visit the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence where two computer stations are available to apply for employment and volunteer opportunities with SPS. They are located between Enrollment and Security offices.

    For locations of public libraries and community centers offering access to computers and the Internet for free visit this City of Seattle website.

    If your child attends the school where you wish to volunteer, check in with the school office about computer availability. If the school computer lab is not used by students, schools can offer SPS families access to computers for the purpose of completing volunteer applications. 

    How is volunteer information protected?

    SPS and VolunteerLocal signed a memorandum of agreement for collecting, maintaining, and storing volunteer data to ensure volunteer information is rigorously protected and meets or exceeds accepted industry practices, including specifically the International Organization for Standardization's standards ISO/IEC 27001:2005 (Information Security Management Systems- Requirements), ISO-IEC 27002:2005 (Code of Practice for International Security Management). You can review VolunteerLocal Terms of Service here

    I submitted the application - what happens next?

    Applications are processed by individual schools in accordance with SPS-wide procedures. Principals assign one staff member in charge of volunteer screening and keeping volunteer information safe and secure. If you do not hear from your school within two weeks of applying, please contact the school office to learn how they notify applicants about being approved.