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    In February 2016, Seattle voters will have the opportunity to vote on two Seattle Public Schools levies — an Operations Levy and a Capital Levy. Both levies replace expiring levies previously approved by Seattle voters.

    In November 2015, the Seattle School Board will determine the amount to be requested through the 2016 Operations Levy. The amount currently under discussion is $758.3 million over three years.

    Fact: The money to operate Seattle Public Schools comes from multiple sources. The largest share is provided by the State of Washington. The second largest share comes from the Operations Levy.

    pie chart: sources of SPS operating funds

    The three-year Operations Levy provides just over a quarter of the funds needed to operate the Seattle Public Schools. Operations levy money goes toward basic day-to-day operations including, teachers and instructional assistants, textbooks and classroom supplies, bilingual and special education services, building security and other school operations, and student activities such as athletics, drama and music, and professional development and training for teachers.

    Fact: Teaching and Teaching Support account for 72.5% of the operations budget.

    pie chart of operations budget expenditures by percent

    Fact: The number of students Seattle Public Schools is serving has been growing by approximately 1,000 students per year. This growth is expected to continue.

    chart of enrollment projections

    Seattle Public Schools Enrollment: 2004-05 to 2019-20 with March 2015 enrollment projections