Department Contacts

Department of Communications Contacts

Carri Campbell

Chief Engagement Officer
Office: 252-0198

  • Oversees the communications department, including direction for both internal and external communications and engagement strategies.
  • Produces high level communications to and for the superintendent.
  • Serves as communications liaison to the School Board.
  • Develops long-term communications plans and strategies, supports both school and cabinet member communications needs, produces talking points for senior management.

Luke Duecy

Communications Specialist, External
Office: 252-0104

  • Temporarily manages media communications. 
  • Oversees School Beat newsletter.
  • Manages SPS social media channels.
  • Assists district staff in communicating their stories and information.

Sean Duke

Communications Specialist, Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction (CAI)

  • Manages internal and external communications regarding curriculum and instruction, assessment, learning standards, professional development, Advanced Learning, Early Learning, etc.
  • Assists teaching staff and CAI staff in communicating their stories and information with internal and external audiences.

Pauline Amell Nash

Web Content Editor
Office: 252-0206

  • Supports efforts to ensure the SPS website is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Support web content authors with content management and web editing best practice training.

Tom Redman

Communications Specialist, Facilities and Capital
Office: 252-0655

  • Manages internal and external communications around facilities and capital, including information on BEX, BTA school openings, etc.
  • Develops talking points around facility and capital issues
  • Plans events around building and capital projects

Rachel Nakanishi

Communications Specialist, Internal
Office: 252-0204

  • Oversees the weekly School Leaders Communicator newsletter and school leadership staffing announcements.
  • Develops direct communications for staff and families.
  • Manages internal communications (MySPS, weekly NewsBrief for JSCEE staff, announcements and employee events).
  • Develops communications plans and messaging for major initiatives.

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