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    Executive Director of Schools Northwest Region

    Jon Halfaker

    Jon Halfaker, who served as principal at Washington Middle School for nine years, has 20 years of experience with Seattle Public Schools, and is a well-respected and strong leader.

    Jon began his career teaching history at Washington Middle School. He has served as a Star Mentor, house administrator at Eckstein Middle School, and assistant principal at Meany Middle School. He earned a BA in history at the University of Washington, a MAEd at Antioch, and his Administrative Certification with Heritage University.

    Jon joins four other executive directors of schools, who support principals’ instructional leadership in order to increase student achievement and close opportunity gaps. This includes using data to monitor school progress, coordinating professional development, one-on-one coaching, principal evaluations, and conducting frequent learning walks through school buildings to ensure quality instruction. Together, they supervise and support more than 100 principals.

    Working with Northwest Region schools means that Jon will return to his roots. As a child he lived for six years in the Broadview community, attending Broadview Elementary. He has also lived in the Ballard community.