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Student Assignment Information and Appeals

  • Address lookup
  • Assignment lookup
  • Assignment inquires and appeals

Address Lookup

New elementary, middle, and high school students are initially assigned to a designated attendance area school based on where the student lives. As a general rule, if your student is currently enrolled, they will be assigned to the same school they are attending now, next year. Students who are moving up to middle or high school will be automatically assigned to their neighborhood school.

Individual school attendance area maps for the current year are available on our School Directory page.

To view designated school assignments for elementary, middle, and high school students using your current address, use the address lookup tool.

Assignment Lookup

Students may apply to attend a school other than their attendance area school through School Choice. Please refer to our School Choice page for additional information.

To view current and next year assignment information using the assignment lookup tool, you will need the student's identification number and birth date.

Assignment Inquiries and Appeals

  1. Determine the appropriate process
  2. Complete all necessary documentation
  3. Submit all materials by email, mail, in person, or by fax

If you believe an error or omission occurred in processing your student’s choice application during Open Enrollment, please submit an assignment inquiry form to Admissions. Inquiries have priority consideration over newly submitted choice applications, transfer appeals, and waitlist moves.

Assignment appeals are only considered in extreme or unique circumstances. Appeals are subject to assignment guidelines are not granted on the basis of:

  • Curriculum issues
  • Transportation issues
  • Personal Preference
  • Perceived quality of a school
  • Desired cultural population
  • Child Care
  • After school activities
  • Non-school appointments
  • Family members' health

Prior to submitting an appeal, please contact Admissions to determine if the appeal process is the best course for addressing your concerns. You also must speak to the principal of your student's school prior to submitting an appeal- the appeals board will not consider appeals until the principal has had an opportunity to resolve the concerns.

To complete an appeal request form, use the three questions on the form to help you explain your case. Attach the required written statement and any applicable documentation to your completed form. Please note that a contact name and number do not qualify as documentation. (For example, a police report may be documentation, but a police report number would not.) It is recommended that you keep a copy of what you submit.

Contact Information

  • Email: servicecenter@seattleschools.org
  • Mail:
    SPS Service Center
    MS 11-174
    PO Box 34165
    Seattle, WA 98124-1165
  • In person: (8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday)
    Seattle Public Schools
    John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence
    2445 3rd Avenue South
    Seattle, WA 98134
  • Fax: (206) 252-0761

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